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Farm service for small flock owners – Poultry Processing in Nanaimo B.C.

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After raising birds for a number of years, I have experienced the challenges that arise when it’s time to process them. Providing my community with quality pasture grown meat is my priority, but so is ensuring the animals are treated with respect and care during that process.

This is where the idea for The Good Place Abattoir was born.

I want to make a change for the better, and I believe that will happen with action. For that reason, I have built a small poultry plant so I can assist other farmers and homesteaders. I provide flock owners on Vancouver Island a clean, local space for their birds to be processed with care and efficiency. 


Our Mission

My mission is to feed families with nutrient-rich, ethical commodities. The meat industry, when done poorly and with long, fuel-consuming supply chains, is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. Instead, through Regenerative Agriculture and holistic management, I will improve carbon sequestration of the properties occupied by responsibly and humanely practicing animal husbandry.

How it Works

Book online

Select the type and number of birds in your flock, and all available dates for the month will pop up.

Service times will vary based on number of birds. Please select the closest number to your flock without exceeding the max. Click here to read our common booking FAQ’s.

After selecting your preferred date and entering your contact info, I will call to confirm details and complete the booking. 

Send your deposit

A non-refundable deposit is required for all processing services. The deposit total will vary based on the number of birds.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice. Cancellations made within 48 hours will be charged their full deposit fee.

We have to ensure that we have adequate staff and materials for the day to go smoothly, so we appreciate your understanding of this policy!

Fast + Drop off

All birds must be dropped off between 7:30 – 8:00 AM on the day of processing.

Please ensure your birds have been fasting (no feed, water only) for a minimum of 14 hours. 

All birds must be healthy and left in functional and clean enclosures (ie- kennels, well ventilated crates, etc.)

Sick birds or those without proper enclosures will NOT be processed.

We reserve the right to refuse service. As a working farm, we also have to protect the health of our own animals. 

Pick up

Pick up will be available from 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

You are responsible for bringing all of the necessary supplies to transport your meat safely. The birds will be bagged separetly, but please bring a large cooler with plenty of ice.

The total for your services (minus the deposit) will be due at pickup.

We accept cash, e-transfer, debit and credit card. A digital receipt will be provided.


For booking inquiries, please email us here.

Proudly Feeding Vancouver Island

Island Roots Farmers Market

Wednesdays 2 pm – 6 pm

Beban Park Nanaimo

Qualicum Beach Farmers Market

Saturdays 8:30 am – Noon

Curling Arena Qualicum Beach

Nanaimo Downtown Night Market

Thursdays 5 pm – 9 pm

Commercial Street – In front of the library

How it started…

Living in Port Moody, BC in 2018 I wanted to follow the advice of Joel Salatin, John Suscovich and Justin Rhodes to, “JUST GROW!”

In order to start raising pasture poultry in my suburban location with Japanese Coturnix Quail. I followed Salatin’s four principals for a young farmer: 1. Borrow land 2. Mobile infrastructure 3. Modular units to scale 4. Direct market to the end user.

In 2018 I raised 200 bird for eggs and meat in partnership with seven families who lent their lawns as pasture. Fast forward to 2023 and I am still growing!

Visit the farm

I believe the best way to improve our food systems is by educating our community about where their food comes from. 

If you are thinking about raising your own chickens, or would like to see how our poultry is raised, please reach out!

We are proud to offer free farm tours. We want to share what we’ve learned and provide Nanaimo with more insight into regenerate farming. Click here to inquire!

Birds processed weekly. That's 3000 meals/week for our community!


Dispatching done by hand - no machines or automation.

Hard working people, united by our passion for raising sustainable poultry.

Passionate about regenerative farming? Internships available!

April – October 2023

Full Immersion Farm Experience and Study

Is it your goal to build a Regenerative Agriculture business, managing the land with diversified livestock that you direct market within your community? If the answer is yes, but you are looking for an opportunity on someone else’s operation first, this could be the experience for you.


How do I know which service to select?

Service times are based on the type of bird and the number of birds in the flock. Select the service with your bird type in the title along with the closest number to your flock without exceeding the max.

For example, if you have 55 broiler chickens, you would select BROILER CHICKENS 41 – 80 (2 hour service)

How does service pricing work?

Service prices are based on the type of bird and the number of birds in the flock.

Price per bird will be listed in the description of each service.

A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. This will be deducted from your processing total when you come to pick up.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

No problem! You can cancel or reschedule right from your booking confirmation up to 48 hours before your processing date.

If you short notice cancel within 48 hours, your deposit will be processed to offset staffing costs. You will need to send another deposit if you choose to rebook. 

How do I prep my birds for processing?

Please ensure your birds are FASTED at least 14 hours prior to drop off. No feed, plenty of water. 

All birds must be healthy and delivered in functional and clean enclosures (ie – kennels, well ventilated crates, etc).

What is a Farm Gate License?

In order to get started and avoid some tedious regulations made for industrial meat packers, the BC Meat Inspection Agency has established Farm Gate Licensing across B.C.

Under the Farm Gate Plus license, we can process 25,000 lbs live weight per property. That isn’t enough to serve the community.

We will license four farms in 2023 and more in the future to allow us to multiply the 25,000 lbs limit and serve as many small farms that need processing locally.

You will bring your birds to one of the farms licensed based on our schedule, as we spend 2 months at each farm. 

Once your birds come back to you, they will be labeled and ready for resale legally direct at your farm, the farmers market, restaurants or to further value add at your favourite butcher shop.